Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative


What is BMLI?

It is part of the South West Uplands Initiative involving Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor.

Funded by the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE).

Support focusses directly on the red meat livestock sector.

It also directs producers to further benefits from other RDPE initiatives.

It is a 4 year project delivering under Axis 1, improving competitiveness in the agricultural sector.

What are its Objectives?

  • To improve the profitability of every beef and sheep producer on the Moor.
  • To find a balance between agri-environment schemes and productive sustainable Moor
  • To investigate the improvement of livestock handling systems located on the Moor. Where shared premises can be used, which are robust and positioned in secluded locations. 
  • To investigate the eradication of marginal diseases which in the past have left a financial burden upon the farm?
  • To improve the skills and training of all farmers young and old in varying different disciplines from animal breed improvements to management/business to greater awareness in the renewable opportunities.
  • To improve the take up in alternative forms of energy, sourced from the environment around us.
  • To communicate with every producer and appraise each units cost structure.
  • To increase the cooperation between producers so there can be increased innovation of new products and new practises.

Who is coordinating it?

The project is led by Ed Nancekivell who has been involved with the livestock sector all his life having been brought up on the family stock farm in North Cornwall . He completed his degree in agriculture in 1988 at Seale-Hayne. Since then Ed has held roles within the primary production, feed sector and end of the supply chain. Ed has backup in the form of Jasmina Goodair, who joins the team having extensive knowledge of office management, audit and administration in European funded projects.