About Us


About Us

As part of a wider South West Uplands Initiative, BMLI deliver activity in the Bodmin Moor area.  Funded by the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) the team work with all those that have an interest in livestock production to develop and deliver a strategic action plan designed to deliver continued growth in sustainability into the livestock sector.  They also work hard with the industry to help them access the funding and support available from the RDPE. 

The project is led by Ed Nancekivell and supported by Jasmina Goodair the Project Administrator.  Ed has been involved in the livestock industry all his life having grown up on the family farm in North Cornwall; he completed his degree in agriculture at Seale -Hayne in 1998.  Since then Ed has held posts within the livestock sector from primary production to farm assurance, through the feed industry and into the meat processing sector.  On taking up the post Ed said;

“I am thrilled to be given the role as co-ordinator of the Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative, representing the livestock producers on the moor will be an honour and a challenge. With the support of the steering group and my background in the red meat sector I am sure over next the 4 years I can make a strong and positive impact on the beef and sheep producers of the Moor”.

Recently Ed stated “We are now 4 years into the project which is proving to be very successful.”

Jasmina Goodair joined the team in January 2013 having office,administration and audit experience in other sectors.

The Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative is hosted by the Cornwall Development Company as part of the Rural Delivery Team and is based at offices at Coldrenick Farm, Helland, on Bodmin Moor.  The team have been working closely with its steering group throughout the term of the project.