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Closing Legacy Meeting - Tues 26th November 2013

Bodmin Moor Healthy Livestock Project
Closing Lagacy Meeting

Coldrenick Farm Offices, Helland
Tuesday 26th November 2013
7.15 - 7.30pm
Light supper to follow

To confirm attendance please contact
the BMLI offices on 01208 892803 / 07528 983441

Scratch that Itch! - Tues 19th Nov 2013

"Scratch that Itch!"
External Sheep Parasite Awareness Event
with local vet Tim Bebbington

Trethorne Leisure Farm
Tuesday 19th November 2013

To book a place at the event contact
BMLI office on 01208 892803 / 07528 983441

SW National Beef Association Farm Walk - West Cornwall

Thurs 17th October 2013

Farmers invited to visit

SW Limousin Breeder Geoff Hollow of Chytodden
Aberdeen Angus Breeder Mark Pilcher of Gear Farm, Zennor

Contact Ed Nancekivell on 01208 892803/07528983441
Will meet 9.30 am Coldrenick Farm Offices, Helland, Bodmin


BMLI Farm Focus Trip to Maiden Castle Farm, Dorchester

To visit Mr John Hoskin, Beef Farmer of the Year 2010
Large Suckled/Beef Finishing unit & Large Sheep Unit

Thursday 24th October 2013

Meet at Coldrenick Farm Offices at 9.00am
Trethorn Leisure Farm at 9.30 - return early evening

Contact Ed Nancekivell on 01208 892803/07528983441

Bodmin Moor Healthy Livestock Project Open Meeting/Forum

To discuss the outcomes and the legacy of the project.
Wednesday 23rd October 2013
4.30 -7.30pm
Coldrenick Farm Offices, Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4QE

Speakers from Univ. Bristol SWHILI Knowledge Exchange Researchers & SAC Consultant

All Vets, Beef & Sheep farmers welcome 

Catchment Sensitive farming & Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative invite you


“Getting the best out of Out-wintering livestock”


Charlie Morgan (Independent grassland consultant)


Graham Ragg (Mole Valley Farmers)  

On Wednesday 19th December 2012 St Mabyn Inn @ 10:30am and then farm walk by kind permission of Tim Martin, Trescowe.  

  • Choice of fields for out-wintering
  • How to assess inherent risks
  • How to assess managed risks
  • Benefits of good soil structure on drainage, root development, nutrient uptake and general crop yield.
  • Management of forage crops to maximise efficiency and limit soil damage and run-off
  • Pros and cons of different brassica crops
  • Utilising forage to improve profits  

The event is free and includes lunch however booking is required. To book your place, please contact:  

Kate Allingham (CSFO) on 07929 050 436 or email:


Ed Nancekivell (Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative) on 01208 892 803


Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative Benchmarking Study

This project will examine the farming businesses of ten livestock producers on Bodmin Moor with view to improving the financial viability and productivity of their beef cattle and sheep production enterprises.  Data will be collected on the performance of the livestock on the farms, the value of stock sold, variable costs (e.g. feed, fertiliser, straw, and veterinary medicines) and fixed costs such as machinery and labour.  Costs of production will be expressed in terms of £/ kg - live weight or carcase weight.  This information along with other key performance indicators such as the number of lambs reared per ewe, lamb weight produced per ewe, the number of calves reared per and calf weaning weight will enable each farming business to be ‘benchmarked’.  The performance being attained on each of the ten the farms (i.e. the benchmark) will be compared with standard data collected from similar farms in England and also more specifically similar holdings and enterprises in the south west region.

The project will enable the strengths and weaknesses of each business to be determined.  An individual action plan will be written for each farm giving where possible recommendations to improve farming practice and ultimately the profitability of the livestock enterprise on the farm. Meetings will be held to fully discuss individual farm results but anonymity of farms will be maintained throughout

BMLI ICT Mobile Computing Pilot

A year after we carried out a technology survey amongst BMLI farmers I am pleased to announce that the uplands ICT mobile computing pilot is going ahead. We will be contacting participating farmers with details of the project kick off and 1-2-1 training. The aim of the pilot is to assess the impact of mobile computing on the farm business. We have seen a good appetite for the project and with the recent announcement of new mobile broadband services coming to Cornwall next year, we hope that this project will be a valuable insight into how mobile technology can help around the farm. The secondary goal of the pilot is to compare two different classes of tablet computer, one fully rugged the other more affordable and semi rugged. We will equip both tablets with mobile apps useful to the farming sector and farm management as well as access to the web and social media platforms that are growing in popularity amongst farmers online. Support will be provided throughout the pilot. 

At the end of the project we hope to be able to determine how useful they found this type of mobile IT access, whether it has increased their IT use and whether the moorland farmers need to go to the expense of buying a specialised unit or whether the cheaper standard tablets that can be bought in high street stores are up to the job. 

We anticipate they will be out on farm in December and look forward to reporting on progress in the next newsletter.

Faecal Egg Count packages

Through our Healthy Livestock Initiative BMLI has been able to purchase 14 FECPAK 100 units to assist sheep producers to monitor parasite burdens and treat accordingly.  The FECPAK units which are being imported from New Zealand have been proven to reduce reliance on drenching and identify specific problem areas thus reducing costs and improving flock health.  Our sample farms will be monitored throughout the course of the project and we will assess the impact on flock health and overall economic benefits of reducing vet and med costs.