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About the team


The Team began in June 2000, driven by the Cornwall Agri-food Council who identified the need for a team of specialists to ensure the delivery of their strategic objectives. Originally the team were funded by the Objective One Programme and were hosted by Cornwall Enterprise. During the 2000 – 2008 period our role was to facilitate applications to the Objective One Programme from the agricultural, horticultural, food and land based industries of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, as well as acting as the administrative body for the Cornwall Agri-food Council. 

Objective One came to a close in September 2008; however over the existence of the programme, we provided initial guidance to over 2,023 rural businesses and provided in depth support to over 120 rural businesses. In addition to this, we assisted projects secure over £68 million of development support for projects as diverse as cheese processing and machinery sharing.

From October 2008 the work of the team has continued with funding secured from Cornwall Council, The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and more latterly Cornwall Development Company.  Our work is divided into 3 main areas of activity:-

  • Cornwall Agri-food Council – we remain the secretariat for this group and work with them to develop and deliver their strategic objectives.
  • RDPE Cornwall and Isles of Scilly County Project Development Service – working with applicants to the RDPE to develop quality submissions.
  • Rural Delivery – we are responsible for informing and delivering a range of activity designed to develop the economy of rural areas in Cornwall.  This includes supporting skills provision in the food and drink sector, providing administrative support to the Cornish Pasty Association and delivering RDPE funded projects such as the Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative.

The team is now part of the Rural Delivery Team within Cornwall Development Company. This reflects the changing funding framework of recent times and the closer integration between the agricultural, horticultural, food and land based sector and the wider economy of rural areas.  It has enabled linkages to be developed with other economic development activity being undertaken by Cornwall Development Company, Cornwall Council and other partners and stakeholders. Whilst the main focus of the team’s activity is still with the agri-food sector, its remit is much wider.

David Rodda

Rural Delivery Manager

David has been involved the economic development of agriculture, horticulture, food and the land based sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for the past 14 years.  Originally as manager of the Cornwall Agri-food Council Development Team and more recently as Rural Delivery Manager for the Cornwall Development Company.  His new role also encompasses encouraging the development of the economy in the rural areas of Cornwall.

His role is divided into four main areas of work which are as follows:-

  • Working with the Cornwall Agri-food Council to further the strategic development of agriculture, horticulture, food and the land based sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  This involves working with public and private sector partners to develop and design support infrastructure as well as ensuring that there is a land based involvement and ongoing engagement with wider economic development initiatives.
  • Working with potential applicants to the Rural Development Programme for England to develop quality applications for support.  This work is mainly with the private sector and includes food processing, farm diversification and training projects.
  • Managing the Rural Delivery Team which includes the Bodmin Moor Livestock Initiative and the Cornwall Agri-food Council Development Team.  This includes line management, budget control and ensuring delivery of its outputs to its various funding partners.
  • To lead on delivering activity and initiatives designed to encourage the development and growth of the economy in rural areas across Cornwall.

For any questions relating to the teams work, the work of the Cornwall Agri-food Council or if you have a funding enquiry please use the following contact details.

Contact  tel: 01872 324649 mob: 07968 892939


Emma Kehyaian

Agri-food Co-ordinator

Emma assists with the development of projects for the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE); specifically working with businesses within the food and drink processing sector who are looking to expand their existing operations, or add value by investing in product development amongst a range of varied activities.

Working in partnership, Emma provides support to food and drink processors and manufacturers with accessing funding for training requirements, most recently through the Cornwall Apprenticeship Training Agency programme.

Emma coordinates the activity of the CAC Food Group Management Committee, which includes scheduling regular meetings, and also organises Full Food Group meetings for the wider membership when required.                  

Contact Emma on 01872 324445